GR Podcast

2. Time & Truth with Frida Buhre & Erik Bengtson (Sweden)

This is the first of a two-part interview with Dr. Frida Buhre and Dr. Erik Bengtson, both scholars at Uppsala University in Sweden. They tackle rhetoric’s relationship with two big ideas: time and truth. They also discuss the next generation of rhetorical scholarship in Sweden. 

This interview was conducted in August 2019 at Uppsala University. Thanks to staff there for providing access to an interview room. 

Frida Buhre is a Senior Lecturer in Rhetoric at Uppsala University in Sweden. Frida has been working in the field of rhetorical temporalities since 2009, and her current book project is on the role of anachronisms in political rhetoric. Her research interests are in global rhetoric, environmental rhetoric, rhetoric of resistance, and the role of temporality in all of these. She wrote her dissertation on the temporalities of politics in the thought of Hannah Arendt. She has published on indigenous rhetoric, the spatial turn, knowledge production, ideology, and Arendt.  

Erik Bengtson is a Senior Lecturer in Rhetoric at Uppsala University, Sweden. As a researcher, Bengtson enjoys questioning that which is taken for granted, and in his current book project he revisits Plato and the post-truth challenge. Among his publications, you will find two articles on Ernst Cassirer and rhetorical anthropology, published in Rhetorica. Bengtson is currently developing research projects on environmental rhetoric and mythological reasoning in democracies, combining anthropological methods with questions of rhetorical theory.

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